Acoustic Guitar Blues. Learn From a Pro!

Jimmy Dillon and his Ultimate Acoustic Blues Deluxe – WOW!

The response was tremendous! Ultimate Acoustic Blues Deluxe rocked it!

Jimmy Dillon has done it again! His Ultimate Acoustic Blues Deluxe, the “continuation” of the Ultimate Acoustic Blues has gone above and beyond, teaching you licks and styles you always wanted to play. Now, with Jimmy Dillon’s easy to understand way of teaching, you “just get it” so quickly and at your pace.

Jimmy Dillon

Jimmy Dillon trying out some new licks.

While watching Jimmy Dillon record some new material, I was totally impressed with his ease in playing flawless guitar while talking or explaining exactly the notes he was playing. He was able to do everything in one take! He is just that well versed in playing guitar AND teaching!

With acoustic blues at an all time high with guitarist and musicians, wouldn’t it be nice if a seasoned professional guitarist and accomplished teacher gave you lessons at your house? Jimmy Dillon has been playing the blues with some other guitar players you may have heard of; Eric Clapton, Sting, John Lee Hooker (recorded a duet with John Lee Hooker), Santana, and many others.

The Ultimate Acoustic Blues Deluxe DVD package will take you to a whole new level of playing in a short amount of time – all in the comfort of your home. This course can recharge your passion for playing acoustic guitar when you realize how quickly you pick up some new licks while watching the DVD course.

Ultimate Acoustic Blues DeluxeYou will amaze your friends, family, maybe even your girlfriend, boyfriend, or the crowd gathered, with the skills you learn from watching the powerful Ultimate Acoustic Blues Deluxe DVD’s. Your head may get a little big from all the praise you get…. but that’s OK.

Jimmy Dillon is going to teach you how to create “the blues feeling” that captivated you the first time, making you want to play guitar. He just has that way about him. Jimmy teaches you to play with feeling and passion.

Want to get right to it? The best deal?  Ultimate Acoustic Blues Deluxe

Of course, there is no risk in your investment. Jimmy’s Ultimate Acoustic Blues Deluxe DVD course has a 365 day money back guarantee. This an incredible opportunity to invest in yourself and your musical education with some of the most unique and powerful acoustic guitar lessons taught by total professional who has been playing and teaching for decades. We want to make this fun for you, so there is no risk.

Jimmy Dillon has some other courses that will teach you other styles, in ways that you won’t find any where else. His teaching style just can’t be matched. You will become a more passionate skilled guitarist if you actually sit down and learn from these incredible, easy to follow DVD courses. We want you to excel.

Ultimate Acoustic Blues Deluxe


Jimmy Dillon

Jimmy Dillon recording new material.



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