Jimmy Dillon – Acoustic Cafe DVD Guitar/Songwriting Course

Jimmy Dillon Has Done It Again!

Acoustic Café DVD Guitar and Songwriting Course

Jimmy Dillon

Jimmy Dillon has come up with a new incredible course that combines “plug and play” guitar stuff, complete with tabs that will add to, and improve your guitar playing skills.

Then there is the fantastic “How to’s” of songwriting! This is like nothing you have ever seen before.

Have you ever struggled with putting great melodies, notes and chords together that made your lyrics sound like they belong to the song?  Well, Jimmy Dillon is going to give you some songwriting secrets that make the process a whole lot easier, secrets you just don’t get anywhere else!

It’s all packaged in an easy to understand DVD package that you will have fun with right away. You will have a blast exploring your imagination and creativity while making new music.

Acoustic Cafe

I have known Jimmy Dillon for quite some time now. Every time we get together he completely blows me away with a new song, a new project he is working on, or a fantastic story of who he played a gig with. That man has passion for all things guitar!

Jimmy Dillon has that rare ability to teach you new things on a guitar so you “just get it” right away. This comes from years of experience on what works and the passion to teach others. And to top it off, this knowledge and passion comes through loud and clear on Jimmy’s new Acoustic Café DVD Course.

This is an amazing opportunity to invest in yourself and your musical education with some of the most unique and powerful acoustic guitar lessons ever captured on DVD.

With all of Jimmy Dillon’s wisdom, experience, and a lifetime of knowledge, (he started playing as a kid) all packed into these fun, educational DVD’s, you could not afford to be taught all of this by a guitar teacher taking lessons. Or, even find a teacher who has this much experience playing AND teaching.

All in all, I have never seen such a wonderful, packed solid, guitar/songwriting DVD course that will give you the ability to improve your skills in both playing guitar and writing killer songs… and do it in an easy to understand style, right in your own home!

Give it a shot. What do you have to lose? There is a 365 day guarantee (who offers that!) on this product! A no brainer for sure!

Check it out. Get more information here. Acoustic Cafe

Acoustic Cafe


Thanks for checking Jimmy Dillon’s Acoustic Cafe Guitar DVD Course out. Remember it has a full money back guarantee, so there is no risk, only huge rewards!


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