Easy Strum Song Collection by Jimmy Dillon

Jimmy Dillon and The Easy Strum Song Collection – NEW!

Jimmy Dillon has just finished his Easy Strum Song Collection DVD Guitar Course and it is available now!

PS. Sorry for the interruption. Get Jimmy’s “Ultimate Acoustic Blues” now. I think it’s on special!

Jimmy Dillon

Jimmy Dillon at the Blue Racer Ranch

Jimmy Dillon has completed this guitar course because his fans wanted something so easy to learn, something that just used 2, 3 or 4 chords that even beginners can pick up so easy, and it sounds so good!

You’ll learn 50+ hottest songs from your favorite artists like Neil Young, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Eric Clapton, and Bob Dylan to name a few! There are many, many more!

Now Jimmy Dillon is the very best at teaching guitar, with 40+ years of instructing and playing with legends like B.B. King, Santana, Sting, Bob Weir and even recording a duet with John Lee Hooker, he can teach you!

Jimmy Dillon

Jimmy Dillon’s guitar signed by John Lee Hooker

Once you start playing these high quality/hi-def DVD’s (in the comfort of your own home) you will quickly learn you can strum like a pro! Just watch Jimmy and you’ll “just get it”! And with the launch deal, you’ll get all 4 jam packed DVD’s at one low price, plus free shipping!

In addition to learning the easiest way to play each song, Jimmy gives you the “part B” side for each lesson, and shows you how to add the secret sauce to really sound like a pro and impress your friends!

Easy Strum Song Collection

Now you want to have fun playing guitar, so The Easy Strum Song Collection takes the frustration out of learning. You just are able to learn and play your favorite songs quickly and easily with this course.

Let Jimmy Dillon show you how to play these fantastic songs so quickly, your friends will have their mind blown at your new skills!

Get The Easy Strum Song Collection by Jimmy Dillon now. Invest in yourself. Of course it has an incredible money back guarantee so there is no risk, only reward!

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Disclosure: This website has links that take you to another website so you can order this highly recommended DVD guitar course. They are affiliate links, that if you click on them, like what you see, and purchase the course, I may get a small commission. It does not affect the cost that you pay at all. In fact, being a close friend of Jimmy, I cannot recommend him or the course high enough. He is an amazing human and guitar instructor.

PS. I took the photos when he was out on our Blue Racer Ranch.