Jimmy Dillon – Acoustic Cafe DVD Guitar/Songwriting Course

Jimmy Dillon Has Done It Again!

Acoustic Café DVD Guitar and Songwriting Course

Jimmy Dillon

Jimmy Dillon has come up with a new incredible course that combines “plug and play” guitar stuff, complete with tabs that will add to, and improve your guitar playing skills.

Then there is the fantastic “How to’s” of songwriting! This is like nothing you have ever seen before.

Have you ever struggled with putting great melodies, notes and chords together that made your lyrics sound like they belong to the song?  Well, Jimmy Dillon is going to give you some songwriting secrets that make the process a whole lot easier, secrets you just don’t get anywhere else!

It’s all packaged in an easy to understand DVD package that you will have fun with right away. You will have a blast exploring your imagination and creativity while making new music.

Acoustic Cafe

I have known Jimmy Dillon for quite some time now. Every time we get together he completely blows me away with a new song, a new project he is working on, or a fantastic story of who he played a gig with. That man has passion for all things guitar!

Jimmy Dillon has that rare ability to teach you new things on a guitar so you “just get it” right away. This comes from years of experience on what works and the passion to teach others. And to top it off, this knowledge and passion comes through loud and clear on Jimmy’s new Acoustic Café DVD Course.

This is an amazing opportunity to invest in yourself and your musical education with some of the most unique and powerful acoustic guitar lessons ever captured on DVD.

With all of Jimmy Dillon’s wisdom, experience, and a lifetime of knowledge, (he started playing as a kid) all packed into these fun, educational DVD’s, you could not afford to be taught all of this by a guitar teacher taking lessons. Or, even find a teacher who has this much experience playing AND teaching.

All in all, I have never seen such a wonderful, packed solid, guitar/songwriting DVD course that will give you the ability to improve your skills in both playing guitar and writing killer songs… and do it in an easy to understand style, right in your own home!

Give it a shot. What do you have to lose? There is a 365 day guarantee (who offers that!) on this product! A no brainer for sure!

Check it out. Get more information here. Acoustic Cafe

Acoustic Cafe


Thanks for checking Jimmy Dillon’s Acoustic Cafe Guitar DVD Course out. Remember it has a full money back guarantee, so there is no risk, only huge rewards!


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Modern Acoustic Guitar by Jimmy Dillon – Get Ready!

Jimmy Dillon and Modern Acoustic Guitar DVD’s Almost Here!


Jimmy Dillon is about to release his much anticipated Modern Acoustic Guitar DVD program! It is scheduled to be made available on Wednesday, April 24th, 2013.

Jimmy Dillon

Jimmy Dillon at the Rockin Robin Beach Cottage

It all goes down at 3 PM EST. That’s 2 PM Central, 1 PM Mountain and Noon Pacific Time.

Modern Acoustic Guitar

BONUS: First 15 buyers get a CD copy of “Jimmy Dillon EVERYTHING”*

Please order on the first day for your best chance of snagging a bonus CD!

That’s THIS coming Wednesday…. Get Modern Acoustic Guitar, 3 DVDs with Tabs….

I am so positive that you will just flip over this kick butt “learn to play guitar” DVD program that it is guaranteed 100%, so don’t hesitate, grab a copy and get to learning some amazing guitar, taught by an incredible passionate teacher.


Jimmy Dillon, Modern Acoustic Guitar, Blue Star Guitar ( to see it on YouTube)

It is so easy to promote Jimmy and his products when you know him. He is the most passionate guitar player/musician/vocalist/educator that I am aware of. He loves to educate people, especially young people about guitar, and how to play guitar with style.

Jimmy never ceases to amaze me with his skill and talent with a guitar, his stage presence and his vocals. He is the guitar players “go to” guy when they need to learn some new licks!

Modern Acoustic Guitar is something that came about after receiving so much positive feedback from his previous highly acclaimed Soul of Acoustic Guitar and Acoustic Enlightenment DVD programs. Jimmy wanted to get into some of the hot, current acoustic guitar styles that are really coming on!

Just make sure you get back here on Wednesday April 24th at 3PM EST to get in on the Jimmy Dillon “EVERYTHING” bonus CD being offered when you purchase from the link on this website.

Modern Acoustic Guitar

After your investment in yourself, just send me your name and physical address,email address, and receipt number, so I can verify that it came through this website. I will then fire off your CD right to your home within a couple weeks.

Thank-you for checking out Modern Acoustic Guitar!


DISCLOSURE: You should assume that the owner of this website has an affiliate relationship to the providers of goods and services mentioned (links) on this website and may be compensated when you purchase from a provider. These are quality and trustworthy proven products, but you should always perform due diligence before buying goods or services from anyone via the Internet or offline.  These products have a 100% money-back guarantee.




Jimmy Dillon and Acoustic Enlightenment – Acoustic Guitar DVD

Jimmy Dillon is releasing Acoustic Enlightenment, an awesome acoustic guitar instructional DVD!

Jimmy Dillon

Subject: 10 reasons tomorrow is a VERY exciting day for you.

Hi Guitar Fans,

Here’s 10 reasons you should be excited because

Jimmy Dillon’s new guitar courseAcoustic Enlightenment

is coming out.


1. He’s a real pro.

Jimmy Dillon is a PRO guitarist.  Being pro means

he makes a living playing guitar. Jimmy doesn’t have

a day job…

The only thing he does is play guitar.

He gets hired to do studio gigs, go on tour,

play for celebrity birthday parties and more.

He’s the ultimate kind of guitar teacher.

He’s been and there and done that and

now he’s going to pass on his best knowledge

in 3 beautifully filmed high-definition DVDs.


2. He only teaches easy fun stuff, no boring scales.

One of the best things about Jimmy is that he’s

not a flashy player that’s trying to impress you

with crazy theories and shred licks.

Instead he empowers you by giving you everything

you need to create beautiful sounding music on your guitar.


3. You get the tabs

Learning EVERYTHING that Jimmy shows you is even easier

because every lick and song is broken down and tabbed out for you.

Just follow along with the tabs while you watch the DVD and

wowzer!  You’ll be learning everything in no time.


4. 1 Year Guarantee!

Yup — you’re protected by an unconditional 1 year

money back guarantee.

This means you’ve got 365 days to enjoy these DVDs

and if you’re not 100% satisfied — I insist you send them

back for a full refund.  No questions asked.


5. You get a variety of styles

Jimmy is a multi-dimentional acoustic player and he’s

going to open your mind up to new possibilities on the guitar.


Prepare to go on an amazing journey into the wonderful world

of the acoustic guitar.


6. You’ll impress your family and friends

Once you learn just a couple of the cool things Jimmy’s

going to show you.. You can pull out your acoustic guitar

any time and impress those around you.


Your friends and family will be shocked when they hear

you create beautiful sounding magic with your guitar.


7. You’ll get revitalized and inspired

There’s nothing more energizing and revitalizing than

learning some new cool stuff on the guitar.

With these 3 hours of instructional material, you’re

going to be armed with enough new stuff to keep you

pumped up for a looooong time!


8. You’ll save tons over private lessons

Even if you could fly down to San Francisco and afford

Jimmy’s $100 an hour fee.  You could still only learn

a fraction of what he’s going to teach you on the DVDs.

Best of all — you’ll save a small fortune compared to private lessons.


9. You’ll get free shipping

If you order within the first 7 days — you get

FREE SHIPPING (Paid personally by the Johnsonater)


10. He’s taught over 3200 kids.

Any guitarists who’s sat down and personally taught over

3200 kids is going to be an amazing guitar teacher.


That’s what you get with Jimmy Dillon.

It takes a very special kind of guy to nail accomplish what he has.


Bonus Reason: 11 you’ll get a cool bonus.

Yup — if you’re among the first 100 buyers — you get

some exclusive new music from Jimmy Dillon.

First 3 buyers:  Rokstark Lightheart Acoustic Guitar (Its a $349 value)

Buyers 3-7: Rokstark Party Pak

Buyers 8-20: Rokstark Strings

Oh yeah, the first 20 buyers on this website will grab a Jimmy Dillon
CD.  So don’t hesitate on Wednesday, November 9th, 2011 at 3PM Eastern. 
Here’s the link again:  http://www.jimmydillon.org/jdguitar


So there you go…




P.S. GO HERE RIGHT NOW AND BOOKMARK THIS PAGE:  http://www.jimmydillon.org/jdguitar



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